Mindful Training for Peak Performance

Fur and Feather Works is excited to host this ONLINE seminar series on mental management, taught by Teah Anders!

Who is Teah Anders, you ask? Teah Anders has been working with dogs and handlers helping them communicate and learn behaviors for the past 24 years. In addition to being one of the first instructors in the country certified by Olympic gold medalist, Lanny Bassham to teach his proven Mental Management System™,  Teah is also a Nose Work instructor at Gentle Touch Pet Training, instructs at NACSW/Dogs of Course Nose Work Camps, and is a NACSW Trial and ORT Certifying Official and Judge.

In this seminar series, we will explore what makes an excellent dog sport handler and how your efficiency as a handler will affect your dog’s performance in training and trialing. As a professional dog trainer, these same skills and techniques can be used to deal with challenging situations, difficult clients and group presentations.

Teah will cover how to:

  • Understand the elements of performance so you and your dog can perform at your best
  • Focus and perform under pressure to the best of your abilities
  • Discover what makes excellent performance easy when handling a dog
  • Set goals that are realistic and yet allow you and your dog to stretch as a team
  • Develop tools to track your performance and accomplish goals easily
  • Have consistent performance as a handler and avoid mistakes that will throw your dog off
  • Understand how the way you perceive yourself and your dog impacts your performance as a team, and how to change that perception
  • As a dog trainer or business owner, smoothly handle difficult situations such as the client “meltdown” or unexpected incidents during a class.
  • Teach your clients to be not only efficient, but stellar trainers

Here are the deets:

  • When: Tuesdays from 6:00pm – 7:30pm, March 21 – April 11 (that is four consecutive Tuesdays)
  • Where: On Zoom. Pajamas optional!
  • Tuition: $200
  • How do I get signed up? Email [email protected] to enroll!



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