Private Cat Training

Yes, cats can be trained!

Enjoy the best in your kitty with in-home cat training for Reno and Sparks

Put an end to frustrating litter box issues

Stop stressful aggression toward family, fellow cats, and resident dogs

Bring relief for shy and fearful cats

About Private Cat Training

Boy, are your friends going to be impressed.

First, we’re going to address whatever issues have brought you here—whether it’s aggression, a litter box problem, or a desire to see your shy feline friend spend more time out from underneath your bed.

But if you’re like many of our clients, your new-found cat training skills will get put to use on all sorts of other “useful” endeavors—like teaching your cat to come when called (gasp!), do a high five (no way!), or roll over and play dead (seriously). We predict that once you know the secrets to cat training, you’re not going to be able to stop yourself.

First, though, let’s get those pesky cat behavior problems solved.

Private cat training details
  • All cat training begins with an initial in-home assessment to set goals and design your customized cat training plan.
  • 60-90 minute Initial Consultation fee: $250
  • This fee is refundable, less a $25 processing fee, if you cancel a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment. Thank you for your consideration of other pet owners who would like that appointment spot.
Check out our Cat Training FAQ

“One day it was like that switch just flipped back to 'normal'.”

“We are extremely grateful for her help. Our cats are our family and we were at our breaking point when she came in and helped us turn things around.” – Relieved cat mom Meghan, condensed from her Google review

FAQ: Cat Training

Do you guarantee your cat training?

No. Be wary of trainers who guarantee cat training results. Behavior is fluid and ever changing, and your cat is not a furry computer that can be reprogrammed. The success of any cat training program depends on many factors, many of which can’t be ethically placed under a guarantee. We are dedicated to a better approach to training.

What we can, and do, guarantee:

  • a commitment to the latest and most sound methods offered by the scientific community, including ongoing continuing education
  • a commitment to humane, gentle, and fun training
  • Customized training plans that fit your lifestyle
  • A kind, gentle, and productive professional relationship (meaning that we will treat you, the human, with the same kindness, understanding and respect with which we treat your pets.)


Is my cat too old to train?

There’s no such thing! Cats, like any intelligent animal, are capable of adapting and learning throughout life. Sometimes learning new habits or behaviors can improve an older cat’s quality of life (and yours) immensely. The outcome of any cat training program depends on many factors, none of which include age.

Meet the Fur & Feather Works training team

We love cat training. We love teaching. And we believe in being the best at both.

Questions about our private cat training?