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Don’t miss these exciting special events hosted by Fur and Feather Works!

Control Yourself! Workshop

Saturday, July 6 at 2:00pm
Tuition $45

Do you have an enthusiastic, excitable young dog at home who thinks the best way to get what he wants – whether it’s food, attention, play time, etc. – is to just… TAKE IT?

If you’re having troubles with things like over-exuberant greetings, counter-surfing, darting through doors or gates, or inability to listen to you around other dogs or people, our Control Yourself! workshop might be just what you need!

This one-hour workshop focuses on teaching your pup how to volunteer calm, self-controlled behavior when he sees something he wants. It teaches YOU how to make sure you’re rewarding and building the kind of attentive habits you want in your dog.

Because no, you don’t have to just live with this! And also no, you don’t need to squash your dog’s joy and exuberance with punishment.

Our next Control Yourself! workshop is coming up on Saturday July 6 at 2:00pm. Tuition is just $45.

Doggy School Photo Day

Saturday, March 30 from noon to 5:00pm
Get beautiful professional portraits of your dog(s) (and you, if you want!) that you’ll treasure forever, for only $45 per dog (or human). Don’t worry, ours are way better than that photo of you in 4th grade.
How it works:
1. You register below, and we arrange a time for you to arrive.
2. A professional trainer (Joanna) poses your dog(s) and gets them to “smile”
2. A professional photographer with a fast shutter finger gets those shots
3. You and your dog leave feeling great about their photo shoot
4. You get your photos emailed to you in a couple of weeks!

Understanding Your Reactive Dog Workshop

Saturday, April 6 at 5:30pm
Tuition: $75

Does your dog bark, lunge, and show his teeth at other dogs or people? It may feel like you’re alone in this, but you’re NOT – it’s an extremely common problem! And, despite how it feels, you likely did NOT cause it. Join us in this 2 hour, humans-only workshop for some quick relief from the stress by learning what makes your dog tick, and how to best manage this condition.


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