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The Myth of The Wagging Tail

If a dog is is wagging his tail, it means he’s happy, right? If another dog is wagging his tail at your dog, he’s friendly, right? This is “conventional wisdom,  – weren’t we all taught this as kids? And it’s also wrong. When we do private training sessions, it’s common for mystified  clients to tell us “but he was wagging his tail when he bit!”
When a dog wags his tail, it signals a willingness to interact with what he’s looking at. That’s all. 
A wagging tail can indicate a variety of emotions in a dog and can even be a warning. Does this dog want to be petted or to chase you off his turf? The intent of the interaction can be deduced from the rest of his body language and expression. A wagging tail is NOT conclusive – it’s just a small piece of the puzzle.
The myth of the wagging tail grossly over-simplifies the finer points of canine communication, and it’s downright dangerous, especially for kids, who are more likely to miss subtle body language signals and make impulsive movements.
If you want to know how to accurately predict whether a dog is friendly or not — either to you, your dog, or your children — our Learn To Speak Dog Workshop is for you. Let us teach you to read canine body language like a pro!
Tuition is $125 if you’d like to bring your own dog to participate in the demo portion of the workshop, or $100 if you’d like to come alone so you can focus on the presentation and discussion.

Start Puppy Training Right Away!

Have you ever heard you can’t start training a puppy until they’re six months old?
Not that long ago, this was considered common wisdom, because it was easy to injure a younger puppy with the correction-based training methodology MOST people followed back then. Basically, you can’t use a choke chain or slip lead on a dog younger than six months, because you can collapse their fragile trachea. And if this is the tool you’re using to train … yes, you can’t start until the dog is old enough to physically handle a correction without being permanently injured.
Times have changed SO much! Your eight-week old puppy is fully capable of learning so much about what you expect from her, and modern-day training methods are safe, kind, and completely appropriate to start from the day you bring her home. With modern, positive reinforcement based dog training, there is no risk of injury to your little one.
After all, puppy brains are sponges for new information and experiences, and you can bet she IS learning SOMETHING, whether you’re training her on purpose or not. If you get ahead of that rapid learning, and make sure she’s learning what you WANT her to learn, then she’s less likely to learn what you DON’T want her to learn … like running away when you call her, stealing your socks, and digging up the yard.
If you want to make sure she’s learning the right lessons about listening to you, behaving appropriately in public, and being well-mannered and non-destructive in your home, then join us in Puppy Kindergarten!
You can start this six-week class as soon as your puppy has been in your home for two weeks, and has seen your veterinarian for a clean bill of health. We require that pups have started their puppy shots, but they don’t have to have completed them yet. 
The first few months of a puppies life are the BEST time to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of joyful companionship. Let us help you make the most of it!
Contact us for more information and to get started today!

Container Palooza Sniff N’ Go

Join us at Fur and Feather Works for a super fun sniff n’ go with containers in all sorts of weird and wonderful forms, including buried hides!

We will be offering several different search areas, unexpected set ups, prizes for perfect runs, and a cute photo booth! In other words, you don’t want to miss this!

We can’t wait for you to see our five, themed search areas!

  • Cities of the World (boxes)
  • Laundry Day (hanging containers)
  • Dominoes (boxes)
  • Tropical Vacation (unusual containers)
  • The Beach (buried hides)

The Details:

  • Where: Fur and Feather Works (9475 Double R Blvd. Ste 12)
  • When: Friday June 9, 4:30pm – 7:00pm
  • Cost: $10/search area or $40 for all five!
Entries for this event are now closed. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for the next one!



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