Basic Manners FAQ

How do continuous Basic Manners classes work?

Our Basic Manners classes run all the time. Instead of a whole group of dogs starting class on the same day, start dates are staggered  and space for new pups to start is created when current ones graduate. There are many benefits to this format:

  • We can get you started as soon as possible – no need to wait for the next class to start!
  • You and your dog will see a variety of other dog-handler teams during your class instead of the same group every week – which means more opportunity for your dog to practice behaving calmly around new dogs and humans, and more opportunity for you to practice training your dog effectively in all settings
  • Teams approaching graduation are good role models for those just starting, giving new students a view of where they’ll be in just a few short weeks and creating a supportive, collegial (dare we say “heartwarming”?) environment.
  • We can set a start date that works best for you! Although you must attend six consecutive weeks of class once you begin, you can start on the week that fits your schedule best.

Our pre-class orientation and lesson plans are carefully designed so you can start class any week and not be behind. Our experienced, professional dog trainers can’t wait to welcome you to class!

How many dogs are in the class?

The maximum number of dogs in a Basic Manners class is 6.

My dog hates/is afraid of/barks, growls, or lunges at other dogs/people. Can we join class?

No. Not only will these issues not be improved by Basic Manners class, but if your dog is upset around other dogs or people, putting them in an enclosed space with a bunch of them would be sort of like throwing them into the pool without teaching them to swim first. We would be happy to “teach them to swim” in private lessons, and then you can join the class, when your dog has the coping skills to handle it!

What is covered in Basic Manners class?

Basic Manners class is designed for dogs who don’t have a lot of training, or become so stimulated when out of the house that they forget the training that they do have. Often these dogs are fairly young, but older dogs are welcome too!
Dogs are taught to pay attention around distractions, sit, down, stay, walk on a loose leash, heel, anti-jumping training, and leave it.
Humans are taught to set training criteria properly so that they can keep working with the dog effectively even after class is over, handle distractions that come up, what to do if their dog barks, how to use non-food rewards, and the mechanical skills of training. If you have more specific questions, just ask!

Can my kids/spouse/parents/petsitter attend class?

Yes, absolutely! The more the merrier. School-aged kids do best in Basic Manners class; toddlers and pre-schoolers find it boring and get restless and irritated.  Even school-aged kids might want to bring something to do if they get bored.  Older kids make GREAT dog trainers. Bring the whole family, because if everyone is on the same page, your dog training will go much faster and smoother!

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