Training Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Tummies

Training Tidbit for November:  You can try this at home!

Training Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Tummies

Need to get some training done but dread being bombed right out of your bedroom, or cleaning up a mess?  There are ways around that!  Try these tricks and sleep sweet!

  • Go natural. Sometimes what dogs are sensitive to is the coloring, preservatives, and fillers (like soy) in store-bought dog treats.  When you use real, fresh foods, often the problem disappears.
  •  Try fruits and veggies. Many dogs will work for peas, carrots, and apple, and often these foods are easier on your dog’s tummy.  Just no grapes, please – they’re toxic.
  • Try a Lickety Stik. This liquid dog treat basically works like a roll-on deodorant; one lick is one treat.  Bonus: only 1 calorie for every three licks.
  •  Look at the ingredients in your dog’s usual kibble, and use the main protein source (ex. chicken) in your training.  That will hopefully minimize the shock to your dog’s system – it’s not special chicken in dog food, just chicken.
  • No matter what food your dog is already on, there’s  usually a canned version which has the same or similar ingredients, just in wet form.  Put it in a squeezable container, such as this travel shampoo container. One lick = one reward.
  • Make your dog’s own food more appetizing: put a hot dog (or piece of fish, or other really stinky treat) in a zipper bag of kibble, and put it in the fridge for a few days.  The hot dog smell will permeate the kibble, making it more exciting.
  • Take some preventative measures: I’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence that a good doggy pro-biotic does wonders for a sensitive stomach.  You can also try canned pumpkin (not the sugary pie filling, just the pumpkin) with your dog’s meals.  It’s full of fiber, so it will regulate his system and *ahem* firm things up, and most dogs think it’s yummy!

Have an idea for a Training Tidbit? I’d love to hear from you!

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