Super Tricks! class photos

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words … and besides, they’re always fun to look at!

Wyatt the Happiest Pit Bull In The World graduates from Super Tricks! class!

…There’s going to be a reward in this for me, right?

Pilot the Springer Spaniel learns confidence and problem-solving skills while adding to his repertoire of tricks!

Starbuck the McNab is very dramatic, and enjoys playing dead.  Very dead.  Don’t worry, he springs to life as soon as his mum releases him!

Flanagan is learning to “say his prayers” before bed…

Sierra and Flanagan are learning to put their paws on the wall to be “frisked” by their owners when they’re naughty … which I’m sure never happens, since they’re retired service dogs!

Gus the Australian Shepherd takes a bow after his performance!

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