Spring Shenanigans

Boy, we can’t wait for spring.  Maybe some shenanigans will make it come faster!

Liz the bearded dragon and Thumpy the box tortoise just cruise around the house like this. All the time.
Stark, Jamie, and Cinder horse around in the snow
Jimmy the cockatiel entertains himself by destroying his mom’s house plants. (Don’t worry, they’re non-toxic!)
Jacey the cat and Molly the dog both wear their faerie wings quite comfortably.
Hope the hound dog loves outdoor adventures, but NOT water. It is far too wet and sloshy on her toes. Ew!

… And on that note, next month’s photo theme will be April showers!  Love it or hate it, if you have a picture of your wet pet, I need it!  How does your critter handle the rain?

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