Puppy class photos!

Thank you so much to David, Jana and Bear for taking these last summer.  They were all so tiny and cute!  I’m in touch with all of these people, and I can safely say that all of these dogs are doing very well indeed! 🙂

June 2010 Puppy class

mini aussie

Jackson: candidate for Cutest Puppy Ever Award?

funny hat or sunglasses day

"Funny Hat or Sunglasses Day" - for extra socialization!


Jackson and Tobi: learning to share is very important for puppies!

puppies in tunnel

exploring the tunnel

puppies wrestle

Puppy Playtime is carefully moderated to make sure everyone comes away with good experiences. Here I hold Bear back so Jackson can leave if he wants to. (He never did - Jackson can hold his own)

puppies play

Why do they always choose to play *on* the humans? It's a well-known puppy class mystery.

learning to lie down

learning to lie down

last class

The last class is always bittersweet - it goes so fast!

graduation costume

You only graduate from Puppy class once! (unless you decide to take it again...)

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