Please help Stitch have surgery!

This puppy needs lifesaving surgery; can you help? 

stitch's palate Just after birth, Stitch was wrapped in plastic and thrown in a dumpster, likely because of his cleft lip and palate. A homeless man heard his cries, and thinking he was a human baby, called the police. Stitch is a tough little guy, and a few months and a lot of bottle feedings later, he is being fostered by a friend of mine.
Unlike humans, puppies born with a cleft palate or lips typically starve or die of infection; they are unable to live healthy lives without surgery.
You can follow Stitch’s progress on his Facebook page here.
stitch in the grass
Stitch is a very lucky boy to have made it this far; now we need your help to take him the rest of the way!  He will need multiple surgeries by a special veterinarian in California. If you’d like more information,  click here for Stitch’s article on!
Please help Stitch live a long, healthy life by clicking here to donate through paypal, or by mail.  Every little bit helps!

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