Pictures of our “Pupils”

Chewie the Pomeranian

Chewie the Pomeranian

Doc the mini aussie

Doc the Miniature Australian Shepherd relaxes at the park.

Hahn's macaws on cage

Machu and Pichu, Hahn's macaws, doin' their thing

Ethel the chihuahua

Ethel the rescued chihuahua had a litter of 2 puppies at only 10 months. Please spay or neuter!!

chihuahua pups

Ethel's puppies, Igor and Stella. All 3 are in wonderful homes now.

two dogs

Lily and Herman are both changed dogs from when I met them ... in a good way!

beagle mix in coat

Scouty the Beagle mix models his new coat. It ain't easy in the winter without an undercoat!


Jimmy the cockatiel as a baby. He enjoys helping his mum with paperwork.


  1. I love seeing Scouty and Machu and Pichu! They’re my kiddo’s!

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