Our Clients New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!  I hope the next 12 months brings you all good things, and that your resolutions go swimmingly!  To inspire you, some of our clients have given their resolutions a head start …

Ali the Shiba Inu has resolved to do more shopping, with her mom’s credit card. She likes Victoria’s Secret the best!
Tess, Katie, Missy, and Jack are going to try REALLY hard to wait for daylight before they wake up their humans. Like, really really really really really hard! Do you have the ball?


Hunter the Saluki has resolved to sleep a little more modestly. The humans seem to think this is TMI.


Trevor has the same resolution. Perhaps they can work together on this.
What about now? Are we going to go play now??

Next month’s photo theme will be valentines! 
Does your dog have a best friend?  A love affair with the cat?  Share it with me, and we’ll use it to warm someone’s heart!

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