Join Team Fur and Feather Works at the 2012 Walk for MS!

Want to pick the trainer’s brain for a while?  Are you ambulatory? Like spring weather?  Hate chronic brain disease? Then this is the gig for you!

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No, seriously.  I know someone with MS. It’s a scary thing.  If your legs don’t do what you want them to do, the dog can’t be walked.  If your arms don’t do what you want them to do, the dog can’t be fed.  And if your brain refuses to form the words you need to communicate, you can’t even ask for help!  Talk about frustrating.

So, help us walk for a cure!  Join the team and get free animal training advice, a lovely walk in the park, and good karma!  Or if you can’t walk with us, be so kind as to donate $5 here.

From now until the walk, 100% of the proceeds from Puppy, Pipsqueak and Friendly Dog  socials will be donated to Team Fur and Feather Works – as if you needed another reason to attend a social!

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