Dogs don’t like hugs!

Hot tip, friends: Most dogs hate hugs. To a dog, a hug seems like a very threatening movement. But, there are the occasional, rare ones who do. Some of the dogs in the video below are enjoying their hugs, and some aren’t. Can you tell which? Did any of these clips make you hold your breath, or feel uncomfortable?

If you’d like to learn which type your dog is, sit in front of a full-length mirror and give them a GENTLE hug and watch their face and body language. (Obviously, don’t do this if you think there’s any possibility your dog may react aggressively.)  Chances are, they hate it, but they’ve been tolerating it from you for years, because … well … most dogs are very patient with stupid humans.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Learn to Speak Dog workshop, coming up on October 20th!

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