Funny: Animals on Trampolines

Something magical happens when an animal comes across a trampoline … They just can’t stay off of it. Animals on Trampolines

The Latest in Scientific Field Equipment: Your Dog’s Nose!

NPR’s Morning Edition recently did this piece on how dogs are playing an increasingly important role in wildlife conservation and research.“So you have an Olympic-size swimming pool full of water and then you have an identical pool full of water to which you add a teaspoon of sugar,” Horowitz says. “They can detect the difference. […]

Back to school … for dogs too!

It’s back to school time … but unlike kids, dogs actually like going back to school! Molly the Aussie mix was so pleased to be graduating Basic Manners class, she wore her special headband.   Kalinda the Pit Bull puppy, on the other hand, chose to wear her special t-shirt   Baylee the Welsh Terrier […]

Beating the Heat … the Sequel

        This topic comes up all the time, so it’s worth readdressing. The heat is no excuse for not working with your dog, or taking them to do things … but it is a reason to think carefully and plan ahead!  Most healthy dogs acclimate to hot temperatures with no problem, just like humans.  And […]

How I See My Dog (funny)

This cute comic is a little crude, but eerily accurate, and definitely t-shirt worthy.  Click the picture to see the “how my dog sees me” part.

How to make your dog happy … through their nose!

Unlike us humans who preoccupy ourselves with visual landscapes, dogs smell their vistas.  To get inside your dog’s world, you need to pick his brain-and his nose.  …  Their noses are about a million times more sensitive than our noses. Often, our brains can’t register what they whiff. Many of the folks working with dogs […]

Please help Stitch have surgery!

This puppy needs lifesaving surgery; can you help?  Just after birth, Stitch was wrapped in plastic and thrown in a dumpster, likely because of his cleft lip and palate. A homeless man heard his cries, and thinking he was a human baby, called the police. Stitch is a tough little guy, and a few months […]

The Dog Days of Summer…

I know, it’s such an overused cliche.  But our summer has been jam packed so far!  Between classes, private lessons, and continuing education, it’s amazing I have any time to relax, but I do … My dog and I recently visited Santa Rosa for some continuing education.  While there, we visited Bodega Bay, which is […]

What to do when Off Leash Dogs run up to you

     Hello Off Leash Dogs. Meet My Friend Direct Stop. Ask anyone who walks a less than perfect dog “What’s your worst fear?” and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Off Leash Dogs (OLDs). “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” … “Uh. Mine’s not!”  This blog has some absolutely priceless (and humorous) advice about what to […]

Funny: Dog Wants A Kitty

From the mind that brought you the infamous “Ultimate Dog Tease” video, comes the newest installment: Dog Wants a Kitty. Dog Wants a Kitty

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