House Training

Housetraining for all Breeds and Ages Housetraining can be one of the most frustrating trials of having a new dog.  Unfortunately for our carpets, dogs come with an instinctive set of behaviors that include, among other things, “eliminate when you feel the need.”  Here are some tips for teaching your dog where it is appropriate […]

Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socialization: What it means and how to do it right It’s not just a buzz word!  Socialization simply means “learning to live in a society.”  For dogs, this means learning to live in a human society, which takes some active effort on our part.  Most young social animals are very receptive to new experiences, […]

Parrot Screaming

My Parrot is Screaming! Excessive vocalization is one of the most common complaints parrot guardians have.  Unfortunately for our ears (and our neighbors!), even happy, healthy parrots can be very loud.  Screaming seems to be self-reinforcing for pet parrots.  Wondering whether the level of bird noise in your household is normal or not, and how […]


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