Funny stuff – Don’t be a Fenton.

  Don’t be a Fenton.   Talk to me about a Control Off-Leash class.

A Public Service Announcement: DINOS

I have a DINOS.  I work with DINOS constantly.  My heart aches for them and their owners.  Its up to those of us with DINOS, and those of us who sympathize with them, to take a stand and pass the message along.  It’s the least we can do.  DINOS. Click here.

Cognitive Disorders in Animals

It happens to all of us: as we age, our brains move a little slower, we take a little longer to solve problems, and it takes a little more effort to absorb new information.  It’s not that intelligence or problem solving capacity has decreased at all, it’s just that things are a little slower.  It’s […]

An important holiday message

This year, I’ll leave you with an important holiday message from our canine friends:

Spaghetti Night

These two seem to have invented a fun game … *disclaimer: empty carbs aren’t good for parrots and neither is standing on the stove, so please don’t copy this video. Parrots upset your dog’s digestion, so please don’t ever leave your predator pets and your prey pets together unattended.*

A dog trainer’s adventure! APDT Conference 2011

APDT Conference 2011- San Diego, CA Many of you have asked about my trip to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers’ conference in San Diego in October.  It was fantastic!  Undoubtedly the highlight of my trip were the field studies at the San Diego Zoo and Sea World San Diego, especially since I work in […]

What one client learned from Puppy Kindergarten class

Click here to read her blog entry.

Teach your pet to play Hide and Seek

How to teach your pet to play Hide and Seek Intelligent animals love games.  They also enjoy solving puzzles. Anyone who’s ever watched their dog work out how to open the cookie cupboard or their cockatoo how to open their cage door can attest to this.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog who […]

Freebies in vet school

Are they harmless, or do they create early biases? “Law school grad and second-year vet student at Colorado State University Michelle Dally decided it was high time someone stepped up and dissected the role of vet industry-sponsored freebies in an ivory tower setting. Like so many veterinary students before her, she questioned the ethics of […]

Pet cloning: not all it’s cracked up to be?

It’s crossed all of our minds.  What if you could replicate that absolutely perfect pet you had as a kid?  That animal who still lives in your heart, many years later; the one to whom you unwittingly compare every subsequent pet.  For a little while, it looked like science was coming close.  But now… “Nearly […]

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