Spaghetti Night

These two seem to have invented a fun game … *disclaimer: empty carbs aren’t good for parrots and neither is standing on the stove, so please don’t copy this video. Parrots upset your dog’s digestion, so please don’t ever leave your predator pets and your prey pets together unattended.*

How dogs drink

How dogs drink So this is how it works!  Click! here!

New research proves parrot chicks learn their names from parents

What’s in a name? Ask your parrot!  Up until about a month ago, it was thought that only humans, dolphins, and some songbirds use certain calls which distinguish different individuals within a social group. Now, research shows that “all wild parrots use unique “contact calls” that not only distinguish each bird individually, but also communicate […]

The 5 most dangerous types of dog

Be alert; they’re out there.  I know for a fact we have many of these in our own community.  If you own one of these dogs, please call me for help – we can make your dog much safer with training.  Click here for more information.

Penguin Tickling

Penguin tickling: the latest almost-fatal dose of CUTE going around the internet. Don’t we all shriek a little when we’re tickled? *Once again, the behavior nerd in me has to add: this penguin is not actually “ticklish.”  Can anyone guess what little Cookie is really doing? If you give up, click here for the answer. […]


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