Therapy Dog Handling Course

Fur and Feather Works is proud to partner with Truckee Meadows Community College to offer this course in Therapy Dog Handling!   A therapy dog is a dog that is specially trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, courtrooms, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with mental […]

Teaching Your Dog to Wear a Head Collar (Gentle Leader or Halti)

There are many brands of head collar (such as the Halti and Gentle Leader), but they all work basically the same way: by turning your dog’s head when she hits the end of the leash, you can redirect your dog easily, and discourage pulling on walks, barking, and lunging.  They work essentially the same way […]

Learn to Speak “Dog” Workshop

Learn to Speak “Dog!” Ever wanted to have a conversation with your dog?  Wonder what they’re thinking? Do you want to know how to tell what are good, safe social interactions, and what’s going to end badly?Dogs spend their whole lives learning to speak “human.” Maybe it’s time we humans learned to speak dog. You […]

Learn to be a dog trainer!

Ever wanted to become a professional dog trainer? Are you already a pet professional looking advance your skills? Invest in a career based on your passion – you CAN do it! Fur and Feather Works is so proud to have been chosen as a Mentor Trainer for CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, right here in Reno! […]

The Lassie Package

A bundle of Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners, and Reality Romp class to take your new dog from puppyhood to adulthood with excellent socialization and manners.  It’s the equivalent of kindergarten through high school for your dog! This package is ideal for people who want a well-behaved, friendly, easy-to-train partner for years to come.  Folks interested […]

Hiking With Dogs Class!

Safety, Etiquette, Training, and Gear! Fur and Feather Works is proud to partner with REI of Reno to present this free workshop! In this class, you’ll learn about: – Leash laws: when you have to use a leash, and when you can skip it – How to deal with other people’s loose dogs (or children) […]

Join us for our Grand Opening Celebration!

Join us for our GRAND OPENING Education Celebration!  Now that we’re all moved in, it’s time to thank our loyal clients for their support! Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks while socializing with like-minded people, tour the new training center, pick your favorite trainer’s brain, and enjoy our featured speakers. When: Saturday, Apr. 16 from 1pm […]

Racist Dogs

There are lots of animals out there with obvious prejudices against one type of person, or another.  This is especially common in our pet dogs, because they’re so intimately tied up in our social lives.  It’s very common for us dog trainers to meet dogs who particularly despise African Americans, or Asians, or Latinos, or […]

Fur and Feather Works is moving to a new home!

We’ve outgrown our old home at The Dog Park! Dog Daycare (and we’re so grateful to them for their partnership for the past 5 years), so we’re moving to a bigger, better facility! Beginning in late January or early February (depending on when the renovations will be done), group classes and in-facility private lessons will […]

Gift Certificates Available!

Know what makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life? Gift certificates for fun training! Any class, any private training, any amount. Maybe for our Learn to Speak Dog workshop? What a thoughtful gift, you wonderful human being, you.

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