Art Paws Festival 2011

I feel confident saying that this was the best Art Paws and Wine Festival yet!  Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello and share the shade (and dog treats!) in my booth. Some snapshots from the day … The World’s Longest Cat (according to the Guiness Book) is a 26lb, 6 yr. […]

10 Things Your Dog Trainer Won’t Tell You

10 Things Your Dog Trainer Won’t Tell You *cough, cough* Click here for the article 🙂

Reinforcement vs. Bribery

Training Tidbit for May 2011: The difference between reinforcement and bribery This comes up in training sessions ALL the time, usually brought up by someone who has been told by a well-meaning friend or professional that they are one and the same, and are now afraid that by using positive reinforcement to train they are […]

Penguin Tickling

Penguin tickling: the latest almost-fatal dose of CUTE going around the internet. Don’t we all shriek a little when we’re tickled? *Once again, the behavior nerd in me has to add: this penguin is not actually “ticklish.”  Can anyone guess what little Cookie is really doing? If you give up, click here for the answer. […]

Getting a good recall or step-up

Training Tidbit – April 2011 The Golden Rule of animal training: Don’t ever, ever call your pet to you (or ask your bird to step up) then punish them.  Animals are not stupid; they learn by association and consequences, and if there is an unwanted consequence for coming to you, they will be reluctant to […]

Puppy class photos!

Thank you so much to David, Jana and Bear for taking these last summer.  They were all so tiny and cute!  I’m in touch with all of these people, and I can safely say that all of these dogs are doing very well indeed! 🙂 June 2010 Puppy class

Reno Clicker Tricks seminar pictures!

Pictures from the Clicker Tricks Seminar Reno, Spring 2011 Thanks to everyone who came – it was lots of fun!

Pictures of our “Pupils”

Super Tricks! class photos

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words … and besides, they’re always fun to look at! Wyatt the Happiest Pit Bull In The World graduates from Super Tricks! class! …There’s going to be a reward in this for me, right? Pilot the Springer Spaniel learns confidence and problem-solving skills while adding to his repertoire […]

House Training

Housetraining for all Breeds and Ages Housetraining can be one of the most frustrating trials of having a new dog.  Unfortunately for our carpets, dogs come with an instinctive set of behaviors that include, among other things, “eliminate when you feel the need.”  Here are some tips for teaching your dog where it is appropriate […]

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