Why do dogs roll in stinky stuff?

Mmmm, so stinky and delicious!  It’s like Chanel No 5 for dogs! “Virtually everyone who owns a dog is familiar with this smelly habit. Whether it’s a bath in cow manure, a plunge into the nearest road kill, or a leisurely massage in a long gone fish at the beach, dogs wear foul scents the […]

Open Enrollment

If you have cruised the class schedules page of Fur and Feather Works’ website lately, you might have noticed a change in some of the classes: Puppy Kindergarten, Reality Romp, and Advanced K9 Nose Work are now offered as open enrollment classes. This means that you can begin attending those classes whenever you want, and […]

Training Tidbit: Jumping Up

This is such a common problem, and it’s one of those that is much, much easier to prevent than to repair! Why do dogs jump up? Dogs naturally greet those they love face to face, then nose to rear. Your face is up high.  When the dog is a tiny puppy, we love this – […]

33 Animals who are Extremely Disappointed in You.

  This Boston terrier wants to know why you only really apply yourself at work a couple of days out of the week. If you’re gonna be lectured, at least be lectured by something fuzzy.  Click here for the full version.  

Pet Poison App for your Phone

Your phone can do everything else; why not this too? “Though there are other apps that provide information about pets and poisons, this one is the most comprehensive. It covers over 250 toxins and spans a wide variety of potentially poisonous substances including pesticides, plants, foods and cleaners. You can search by toxin, within categories, […]

What’s a Traincation?

Mark your calendar for the day of Sunday, July 15th and come see us at Art Paws! (It’s at the McKinley Arts and Culture Center.)  Reno’s biggest and most artistically-inclined animal event is always a hit!  Fur and Feather Work and The Dog Park! Doggy Daycare will be sharing a booth to launch our new […]

Sound Sensitivity and Phobia

A dog’s sense of hearing is different than a human’s (OK, I know you know that…).  But the question is, how is it different? Basically, sounds for all of us vary according to their decibel level (or loudness of volume), and pitch (how high or low on the octave a noise sounds).  Dogs actually only […]

Happiest Penguin in History

Happiest Penguin Ever! Do you love snow? Not as much as this penguin, I assure you.

Up for Adoption

These dogs need forever homes! Can you help? The first is a 10 year old female dachshund.  She is spayed, good with other dogs, and very sweet.  However, she is completely blind from retinal atrophy.  She gets around well when used to her surroundings. The second dog is a male, neutered black German shepherd.  He […]

2012 Walk for MS

As many of you know (because you saw us there!), last month Fur and Feather Works participated in the 2012 Walk for MS, in Idlewild Park.   We are proud to announce that Team Fur and Feather Works raised $230.oo to support Multiple Sclerosis research, patient resources and education.  For a first year, we’re quite […]

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