Happy New Year, and Happy Pug!

To go along with a happy New Year, we have a happy, silly little dog. (I’m no vet, but I’m almost certain that this dog has a neurological problem, something along the lines of cerebellar hypoplasia, but it doesn’t matter – she’s obviously happy and healthy otherwise!)

Training Tidbit: To heel or not to heel?

You can try this at home! To Heel or Not To Heel? I’ve been asked many times, out for a walk with a client and their dog, whether their dog ought not to be out front.  The dog is usually ahead of us, sniffing things and generally enjoying his walk, and the client always sounds […]

Gift Certificates: The perfect gift for an animal lover!

Did you know?  Fur and Feather Works offers gift certificates!  Choose the perfect gift: A class of your choosing – most popular options are Basic Manners, Puppy Kindergarten for the new pup, or Intro to K9 Nose Work A behavior modification program An initial consult to explore training options Or any monetary amount! Gift certificates […]

Meet Mudd. Mudd knows how to have a good time.

Training tip: Beating the Heat

It’s a “hot dog!” Ha ha, get it? No, seriously, test the pavement before you make your dog walk on it! Every summer I see folks walk their dogs across scalding hot asphalt, and take their fully coated, dogs fluffy dogs for a run.  This drives me (and many animal lovers) a little nuts.  I’m […]

More human training

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Positive Reinforcement works just as well on humans as it does on animals.  The only trick is, the human can’t know you’re “training” them! Continuous reinforcement schedule (after all, they’ve only just learned this behavior!)  

Why do dogs roll in stinky stuff?

Mmmm, so stinky and delicious!  It’s like Chanel No 5 for dogs! “Virtually everyone who owns a dog is familiar with this smelly habit. Whether it’s a bath in cow manure, a plunge into the nearest road kill, or a leisurely massage in a long gone fish at the beach, dogs wear foul scents the […]

Open Enrollment

If you have cruised the class schedules page of Fur and Feather Works’ website lately, you might have noticed a change in some of the classes: Puppy Kindergarten, Reality Romp, and Advanced K9 Nose Work are now offered as open enrollment classes. This means that you can begin attending those classes whenever you want, and […]

Training Tidbit: Jumping Up

This is such a common problem, and it’s one of those that is much, much easier to prevent than to repair! Why do dogs jump up? Dogs naturally greet those they love face to face, then nose to rear. Your face is up high.  When the dog is a tiny puppy, we love this – […]

33 Animals who are Extremely Disappointed in You.

  This Boston terrier wants to know why you only really apply yourself at work a couple of days out of the week. If you’re gonna be lectured, at least be lectured by something fuzzy.  Click here for the full version.  

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