An Expert’s Opinion on K9 Nose Work

Recently Julie Eskoff, CPDT-KA, CNWI wrote an article on how K9 Nose Work increases a dog’s confidence, and how it can be used to help them get over environmental fears or reactivity.

“[The] program was built to support the dog’s natural state of mind while hunting, giving the dog a setting to use its natural instincts.  … All dogs have this skill and one third of their brain is dedicated to olfactory reception.  It’s a beautiful moment when humans have to be quiet and observe while the dog leads the hunt. K9 Nose Work® is not just about going to trial and winning in the latest sport sweeping the U.S.  K9 Nose Work® is about mental and emotional fitness for your dog regardless if they are blind, deaf, shy, retired from the show ring, reactive, geriatric, have only three legs, or wheels for legs.”  
You should give this a try!  The next Intro class starts Sat. Oct. 12 at 9am.  Only 2 spots left! 

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