Meet the Stimulus Dogs

If you own a dog-aggressive, reactive, or fearful dog and you’ve done training with us, chances are you’ll recognize these guys! All of these dogs have temperaments well suited to this kind of work, and all of them are generously compensated for their time and effort in high-value treats. They’ve helped countless dogs and owners feel more comfortable out in public.

417777_3113619015918_207234109_n This is Ali, the Shiba Inu. When not working with us, Ali enjoys hunting small (and large) critters, K9 Nose Work, shopping, and bossing around her human servants. Ali does not care for other dogs and prefers that they stay several feet away, but as long as they do that, she’s perfectly happy to do the work of stimulus dog – in fact, she loves it. Her favorite treat is white cheese (not yellow or any other color. White.)


1497814_3812215040382_654802708_nThis is Ben. He’s a Wheaten terrier, and housemate of Ali. When not doing stimulus dog work, Ben enjoys peeing on the whole world, licking people, stealthily stealing Ali’s treats, and obeying her commands. His favorite treat is whatever Ali has.





28055_4257575030029_1333993820_nThis is Riley, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When not helping to train your dog, Riley enjoys eating, helping to put away the groceries, walks around the neighborhood, and avoiding the unwelcome affections of his feline housemate. Riley’s favorite treat is whatever you’re eating. Are you gonna eat all that? If you don’t want it he’ll take it.




This is Raven, an Australian Shepherd. When not doing stimulus dog work, Raven enjoys Agility, K9 Nose Work, wiggling her bum to make her curly fur bounce, hiking, swimming, going to daycare, and copying everything her older “brother” does. Her favorite treat is chicken, or steak.

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