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I had set up a private training with Heidi, since your puppy kindergarten was booked until December.  This turned out to be a blessing for us all, as Heidi addressed most of our needs, and all of our questions. I look forward to reading your “most needed” information!  We have been using your techniques since Thursday, and we are beginning to see a change in our little guy’s behavior!  We are extremely grateful to you, your knowledge, professionalism…and warmth!
Thank you again…
Kimberly [last name omitted], Reno

I am writing this review because as a veterinary professional- I highly recommend Joanna and her gentle and positive training methods! She is awesome and she really cares about you and your relationship with your pet. We have a very smart and loving German Shepherd mix puppy we rescued and we learned shortly after he turned 4 months of age that he is extremely instinctively protective over our family, especially our toddler. More than what we consider normal breed characteristics. Because of my background and knowledge of canine behavior I knew I needed to seek help from a trainer I could trust. Adequate socializing and basic manners training that I knew and taught him were not enough. I have never dealt with a puppy this age who acts like he is on guard duty all day until he retires to kennel for bed. My toddler has a personal body guard. […] All that is wonderful and we are so lucky for his natural instincts to protect and bond with her, but it was the way he acted toward strange people and dogs on walks that worried me. After only 3 private training sessions we were able to promote our puppy to Reality Romp to finish out the sessions. Just after the private sessions I felt like that was the best walking we’ve ever had! […] I’m thankful for all that she does at Fur and Feather Works! I feel like if I hadn’t contacted her when I did, our puppy would be very hard to walk confidently right now. If I hadn’t done any of the things Joanna taught us- he would not be the dog he is today! […] We can confidently enjoy our puppy out and about now. I just wanted to say how pleased I am and thank you Fur and Feather Works! We were able to “find the dog want within the dog we have!” – Alissa, Reno

Joanna is incredibly experienced and educated in training.  She literally saved our family!  Our Yorkie was terrified of our son and once our son began to crawl she really freaked out and would bark nonstop and would even try to bite him when he approached her!  My husband and I were devastated and overwhelmed by the situation, to say the least.  I was referred to Fur and Feather Works by my vet and upon meeting Joanna I knew why my vet referred her.  Joanna is knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and immediately had a plan for us.  After the first week we saw a difference in our Yorkie and now 5 weeks later our Yorkie actually likes our son!  I never thought that would be possible; Joanna’s training FAR exceeded my expectations.  I honestly thought with training we would work out a manageable plan to keep them pretty much separated with a few rare instances where they would be together because of how terrified our Yorkie was of our son.  I never dreamed they would be living in harmony together.  We no longer need to keep our Yorkie separate from our son.  She no longer barks at him or tries to bite him when he startles her.  She actually prefers and enjoys to be around him because of the training method Joanna used. -Mike and Tara, Reno

I highly recommend Joanna Moritz’ training program.  She is intuitive in a unique and special way.  Not only does she understand the animals, but she works incredibly well with the humans.  She’s clear and concise and constructive.  With Joanna’s direction, you’re confident you truly understand how best to work with your pet.  I feel lucky to have her assistance and wisdom.  She’s one of the best trainers I’ve ever met.  -Elise, Lake Tahoe

I loved her class, i own a border collie mix puppy and i was able to train my dog Zoey to preform basic manners for anyone in my family including my 5 year old daughter. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great instructor to either help with basic manners all the way up to learning Tricks.Thanks again for everything
Kim, Reno
Our Bichon Molly is doing great. I am sure that your puppy classes helped set a good foundation for her. We went to the Grand Sierra the other day and we were amazed how well she behaved. We can take her off leash in the park now. We still use your techniques to get her to behave during walks. Now walks are no longer a fight the whole time. We will recommend you to anyone with a puppy or dog with problems. Thanks Joanna.  Dave, Christie, Elena and Molly (Reno)

From an anonymous customer opinion survey, March 2011:
  • You have the smallest ego of any trainer I’ve been around. You sincerely have the dogs best interest at heart. I’m interested in non competitive classes and I think you offer a nice range of classes.
  • I liked the atmosphere and the fact that as much emphasis was placed on what my dog needed as what I needed to be able to “control” the dog. And the dog is still alive.
  • I love your enthusiasm and how your classes are all positive based. You really enjoy what you do and it shows!
  • I think you’re a brilliant woman and you have an innate understanding of animals and their behavior.
  • I liked the convenience of in home training.
  • You’re doing a great job! Keep up the great work! The variety you offer is awesome, and I love that you keep adding classes to your schedule…I just wish Gus and I had more time to take classes!
  • We had one private session, which was very helpful. The information was explained clearly and was effective (when we apply it). You were flexible with our schedule, making it much easier for us.
  • Joanna has been incredibly helpful over email, and I am going to use her no matter what based on her experience with my “problem” child.  She even remembered her a year later 🙂
  • I thought the training for puppies was great. I learned a lot.
  • Interesting classes that are fun for both owner and dogs
  • I liked the classes held outside the classroom that taught real world behavior.

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