A Portrait of Love: Happy Valentine’s Day from Fur and Feather Works

The amazing thing about love is that it transcends species.  When I requested pictures of animal “valentines” for our newsletter, I didn’t expect the overwhelming response I received!  So, this is my valentine to you, featuring … you!  Forget the chocolates, flowers and jewelery; this is what love really looks like.

You can also find all these pictures on our Facebook album here.  Feel free tag yourself, comment, add captions, and share!

Gollum and his best friend Louis make for double-decker poodles!
Tweak the Border Collie and Felix the Cattle Dog enjoy doing things together … including getting treats!
Molly the Aussie mix and Muddy the Canaan dog have been valentines since meeting each other in Reality Romp class in August!
Rocky Racoon (left) and Corky the Golden Retriever (right) were inseparable for their entire lives.
Callie (left) and her sister/best friend/pillow Sophie enjoy a good cuddle now and then.
Lexie the Aussie and Thor the German Shepherd immediately became close friends upon meeting each other in Puppy Kindergarten class.
Wyatt the Pit Bull shares a nice sunlight nap with his kitty friend Zeus.
Stitch, our favorite little special needs Pit Bull, shares everything with his best friend, the moustachioed Shih-tzu Chewie.
Ali the Shiba Inu’s mom loves her so much that she bought her a puppy – her Wheaten Terrier brother Ben.
Cinder the Belgian Tervuren (right) has taken Chloe the Golden Retriever puppy under her wing.
Ain’t no mountain high enough for Abby the Aussiedoodle and Callie the Dachsie mix.
Floki the cat looves Riley the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sooo much … the relationship may be *slightly* one-sided.
Riley the Chocolate Lab and Jet the Black Lab are two halves of the same puzzle.
Skyler the little spoon and Rafter the Flat-Coat Retriever (big spoon) fit perfectly together.
Tweak the Border Collie worshipped the ground that Maya the Schnauzer walked on … and sometimes got a little smothering.
Sheldon and Grover are both “graduates” of the same rescue program … and share the same love of cuddling on the couch.
Avany (top) and Abby the Shiba Inu make such a pretty pair.

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of their pets’ valentines!  And thank you for being a Fur and Feather Works client – you are valued!

Next month’s photo theme will be Fun and Games! Do you have video or pictures of your pets’ favorite games or playtime activities? Share them with me – maybe you’ll give someone ideas for their pet!

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