4 week classes in Reno

In the feedback survey I asked y’all to fill out in April, you said that you were crunched for both time and money.  Well, that makes approximately 1 million of us 😉

Fur and Feather Works proudly presents: One-month classes in Reno! Yes, that’s right, classes offered in Reno are now only a four-week commitment, and the new price reflects the reduced time commitment.  Classes begin the first Monday of the month, and end 4 weeks later – simple, sweet, easy, and effective!  They fit better into your schedule, your brain, AND your wallet!

This also means that if you miss a class you can just hop in on the corresponding week next month.  If the new schedule continues to be as efficient as it’s been so far, 4 week classes will be offered in Carson City as well.  Let’s enjoy this experiment together, shall we?   It’s about time dog training kept up with the fast pace of our lives today!

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