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Looking for a trainer? You are COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED.

This ugly video prompted a conversation on our Facebook page.  It shows a “trainer” in a clean, professional setting, abusing a dog.  The dog – which probably belongs to a paying client – is supposed to be learning various obedience commands, but the poor dog has no idea what is expected of it.  Thus, he […]

FAQ: Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

Summer 2014 Training Tidbit: You can try this at home! FAQ: Rattlesnake Avoidance Training  Around this time of year, the rattlesnake danger moves to the forefront of eveyrone’s mind, and people start asking me about my thoughts on rattlesnake avoidance training.  My take on it is that it’s a good idea for some dogs, but […]

Dogs Adorably Misunderstand Magic Tricks

Dogs adorably misunderstand how basic magic works. What the …? A hilarious way of demonstrating that dogs understand object permanence!

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