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Fun Section: Dog and Bird

Why does the cool stuff always happen in Australia? I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. (Who’s coming to Australia with me?) Amazing dog-bird video

April’s client photos

You know what they say about “April Showers…” No flowers, here. Despite her raincoat, Molly does not enjoy getting caught in the rain. Riley also thought his sweet raincoat would protect him. Not enough, apparently. Pogo (left) and Gracie (the mudball), on the other hand, regret nothing!! Gauge (left) and Bryce are perfectly at home […]

Where’d my Cupcake Go?! Counter surfing!

Training Tidbit for April: You can try this at home! Wait, Where did my Cupcake go?!   This month’s training tidbit is brought to you by this video: Sierra the Cupcake Stealing Dog The funniest moment in the video is when Sierra looks around, obviously checking to see if the coast is clear before committing […]

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