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Beating the Heat … the Sequel

        This topic comes up all the time, so it’s worth readdressing. The heat is no excuse for not working with your dog, or taking them to do things … but it is a reason to think carefully and plan ahead!  Most healthy dogs acclimate to hot temperatures with no problem, just like humans.  And […]

How I See My Dog (funny)

This cute comic is a little crude, but eerily accurate, and definitely t-shirt worthy.  Click the picture to see the “how my dog sees me” part.

How to make your dog happy … through their nose!

Unlike us humans who preoccupy ourselves with visual landscapes, dogs smell their vistas.  To get inside your dog’s world, you need to pick his brain-and his nose.  …  Their noses are about a million times more sensitive than our noses. Often, our brains can’t register what they whiff. Many of the folks working with dogs […]

Please help Stitch have surgery!

This puppy needs lifesaving surgery; can you help?  Just after birth, Stitch was wrapped in plastic and thrown in a dumpster, likely because of his cleft lip and palate. A homeless man heard his cries, and thinking he was a human baby, called the police. Stitch is a tough little guy, and a few months […]

The Dog Days of Summer…

I know, it’s such an overused cliche.  But our summer has been jam packed so far!  Between classes, private lessons, and continuing education, it’s amazing I have any time to relax, but I do … My dog and I recently visited Santa Rosa for some continuing education.  While there, we visited Bodega Bay, which is […]

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