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What to do when Off Leash Dogs run up to you

     Hello Off Leash Dogs. Meet My Friend Direct Stop. Ask anyone who walks a less than perfect dog “What’s your worst fear?” and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Off Leash Dogs (OLDs). “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” … “Uh. Mine’s not!”  This blog has some absolutely priceless (and humorous) advice about what to […]

Funny: Dog Wants A Kitty

From the mind that brought you the infamous “Ultimate Dog Tease” video, comes the newest installment: Dog Wants a Kitty. Dog Wants a Kitty

Like Border Collies?

Like Border Collies?  This dog needs a forever home.  This is Gabby.  She’s a 3.5 year old Border Collie mix (maybe mixed with Heeler, or Aussie).  She’s, spayed, microchipped, and weighs a perfect 44lbs; big enough to keep up but small enough to be portable! She loves to hike, swim, and bike, and knows a […]

Top 5 Preventable Dog Behavior Problems

Training Tidbit for June: You can try this at home! The Top 5 Preventable Dog Behavior Problems This month’s Training Tidbit is used with permission from our colleague, Carla Brown, of The Savvy Dog in Truckee CA.  Thanks, Carla! Owners whose dogs have “behavior problems” keep trainers (and shelters) busy. Many of the problems are […]

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