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January is National Train Your Dog Month!

January is National Train Your Dog Month! Did you know? Dogs who have been to training class live richer lives, because they have fewer restrictions put on them. They are less likely to bite when frightened or angry, especially if they were in class before 4 months old. Trained dogs are better loved by their […]

Teach Your Dog to Enjoy Praise

Something we often forget in training is that your dog is the one who gets to decide what’s rewarding, not you! I know dogs who love apples as a training treat, but my dog would spit them out.  The same goes with petting and praise – some types are valuable to your dog, and some […]

10 Tips to Teach a Loose Leash Walk

You can try this at home! 10 Tips to Help your Dog Walk on a Loose Leash This article is a follow-up to last month’s Training Tidbit, To Heel or Not To Heel. 1. Match your reinforcer with the distraction level of the environment.  Your dog gets to decide what’s reinforcing and what’s not, remember?  […]

Happy New Year, and Happy Pug!

To go along with a happy New Year, we have a happy, silly little dog. (I’m no vet, but I’m almost certain that this dog has a neurological problem, something along the lines of cerebellar hypoplasia, but it doesn’t matter – she’s obviously happy and healthy otherwise!)

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